Hair Health

Weekly scalp and body exfoliation is a great way to remove built up dead skin and stimulate circulation! Simply mix some organic sugar with some organic cold pressed oil or your favorite conditioner to make a scrub and use it on any areas of your scalp or body that need resurfacing. Boar bristle brushes are great for removing dead skin and build up all over the body.

Keep it simple, purchase products with short ingredients lists. You don’t need a lot to maintain a healthy microbiome on your hair and body. We recommend apple cider vinegar and health minded shampoos and conditions.

Once a week you can clean your hair and scalp with diluted organic apple cider vinegar in a mix of 1 tablespoon to 16 ozs of filtered water. Make sure to dilute your mixture properly and only apply once a week to see the benefits.

A balanced diet is the number one way to care for your hair. Make sure to eat food full of zinc vitamin B and plenty of essential trace elements to regulate hair health and longevity.

The Goal of Hair and Body Health

The overall goal is to build and retain a healthy microbiome all over the body and keep a healthy level of natural oils on the surface of your skin and hair. the more you cleanse your hair and skin the more damage you do to your biome. Less is more!  

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